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I also teach, direct, and write.  I work in film, television, and theatre.   My insights as a teacher come from experience - from being in the trenches and having worked through the same challenges that may be coming up for you as an actor.   My passion comes from seeing people really show up for the work and break through their own limitations to discover just how "enough" they are – seeing them drop their protective mask and recover the joy and vulnerability in their work – and helping them find the resilience to survive the roller coaster of this life in a healthy way: from a place of generosity and gratitude, not competition and lack.


I care about your experience.  I started these classes in 2006, determined to eliminate the suffering I see many actors go through, and to create a room where excellence was achieved not through fear of punishment and competitiveness, but from a love of the game and the child-like ability to accept, create, and play without concerns about getting it “right”, impressing, and winning validation and approval.

I am a guide, not a guru.   It’s been an amazing opportunity to work with the artists that have come to me, and I don’t take it for granted.  I practice what I teach every day, and I aspire to lead through personal example.  I continue to learn through the challenges that come up in class and in my own work as an actor.   Learning keeps us alive and moving forward.  The willingness and humility it takes to keep showing up and expanding is what a lifetime of exploration is about.  And whether that is through acting, teaching, directing, writing, or simply living a life inspired - it all feeds our soul. 

I am an actor, like you

I will constantly seek to inspire and be of service to you -  to help you become a confident, self-sufficient artist who can work under any challenges the industry throws at you.​ 

I will not bullshit or coddle you.  I will sensitively challenge, support and encourage your growth and creative authority, not make you dependent on me.

​I will treat you with respect and never ask anything of you that I wouldn't ask of myself.

I will do all that as an equal collaborator, not your superior, in a non-manipulative, non-competitive room .  A place where egos are left at the door and the focus is on serving the story and allowing people to move through their challenges without judgment.  It’s an atmosphere of collaboration and trust.   Always.

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